A wide selection of different textures and flavours. From moist fudge cake with chocolate crunchy base to soft fluffy and creamy mousses. Flavours such as 70% dark chocolate, Hazelnut Praline chocolate, Salted peanut butter, Mocha cake, Summer berries and a lot more.

Signature Dark Chocolate Cake

70% dark chocolate buttercream in between layers of dark chocolate moist cake. Glazed with dark chocolate cake and finish with cacao nibs

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

Chocolate moist cake with 55% dark chocolate hazelnut buttercream and Choco feuilletine base layer

Dark Chocolate Mocha Cake

Layers of chocolate moist cake with 70% Dark chocolate and espresso buttercream.

Roseberry Chocolate Cake

Chocolate moist cake layers with raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream and mixed berries confit

Berries Symphony Cake

Layers of thick, rich and moist chocolate cake with 70% dark chocolate buttercream, chocolate glaze and mixed fresh berries

Chocolate Macaron

Layering of 70% Dark Chocolate Buttercream and Chocolate Moist Cake. Vanilla swiss cream, Topped With Chocolate Glaze Drips and Chocolate Macarons

Matcha Fromagge

Fromage cake with layers of matcha sponge cake and matcha infused almond crumble.

Strawberry Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Basque burnt cheesecake with mixed berry confit, mascarpone cream and fresh strawberries (also available in Mango)

Noisette Chocolate Cake

55% Dark chocolate mousse cake infused with hazelnut praline and chocolate crunchy feuilletine base, finished with 24 karat gold leaf.